“Dina was ‘head and shoulders’ above other mediators and arbitrators that he has used over the years and considers Dina in the top 10% of mediators to which he has been exposed.”

“You are an excellent mediator, you are a quick learner for difficult subject matter and terminology, and you are one of the brightest and best folks that JAMS has.”

“I was impressed with your mediation skills, which are a rare mix of intelligence, forceful advocacy, sensitivity and patience.”

“Your ability to work with both parties, but especially [name of client] at a legal, but more importantly an emotional level, was in my view the key to our collective success.”

“You really pushed it through and turned out to be what I expected and what I wanted in a mediator.”

“Thanks again for your special touch which was most instrumental in getting us to ‘yes.’”

“I liked Dina very much. I though she was really good. I liked the fact that she was an analyzer; she could size up the personality of the players and think about what the priorities were for that person.”

“Dina did a phenomenal job. She was very empathic and patient and warm and sympathetic. She was helpful and creative and she did a great job.”

“You were terrific and accomplished what I thought for sure could not be done! I too hope we get to work together again.”

“The company’s CFO to whom you spoke on the telephone, was particularly impressed by your analysis of the case.”

“You made me look smart for picking such an able mediator. “

“The settlement would not have happened without you, and I thank you for using such skill in getting everyone to a common ground.”

“We all feel that this could not have been accomplished without your insight and expertise. We are very, very grateful for your participation and, as I said before, will recommend you to my colleagues.”

“Thanks again for your outstanding work in the face of having to deal with so many difficult issues.”

“I was impressed with your mediation skills, which are a rare mix of intelligence, forceful advocacy, sensitivity and patience.”

“You’ve got the magic touch.”


“Dina was stimulating, creative, interesting – the highlight!”

“This was one of the best seminars I’ve attended on negotiation.”

I used what I had learned from the seminar and reached an agreement. Time investment for this one issue alone for me was time well spent on the seminar.”

“The presentation was fantastic. I found it to be incredibly interesting and Dina was wonderful.”

“Thank you again for the amazing [mediation] class. Your calm, warm, and very intelligent authority was inspirational.”

“This was an outstanding presentation.”

“I have attended many negotiation workshops in different formats throughout the last 25 years. This was the best one I have been to”.

“I thought that this was one of the best seminars I have attended.”

“Dina is great.”

“Dina was an excellent instructor & certainly related to our everyday jobs.”